Contact Hunter - Web Analysis

Contact Hunter - Web Analysis

Contact Hunter is a web service of advanced statistics which allow you to identify the names of the companies visiting your website.

This new application of intelligent statistics provides detailed information about visitors (company description, address, primary phone number, business sector, latest news, etc.), including also the interest shown for your websites pages (and which products/services too).

Thanks to Contact Hunter, every day you will receive in your inbox a report with the names of companies that showed interested in your business by visiting your website, with their contact details in addition. In this way, you'll soon ahcieve to biuld a database of precious contacts. You just have to contact them back, in order to offer your services or products.

Sinfotech suggests using Contact Hunter in addition to a web marketing campaign (such as Pay per click, Social media, newsletter, etc.). In this way, not only you will increase traffic to your site, but you will records the names of all the companies that will click on, then you'll get a list of potential customers who have already shown interest in your business.

If your site generates many visits, but gets few real customers, this is the way to convert all those visits into sales. Not only, but you can discover, by visitors who have not contacted you, what aspects of your business are not convincing at first , allowing you to improve your business and your website.

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