Fast Fidelity - Loyalty System

Fast Fidelity - Loyalty System

Sinfotech has developed a new loyalty and management system for a company's customers, taking advantage of NFC technology, which allows you the best cost-benefit ratio.

Fast Fidelity, Sinfotech's loyalty software, comprehends a web-based utility and an Android application.

Web management software and customer loyalty

The software provides a structured management of customers through a web control panel. The system is designed especially for business as clubs, sports facilities, gyms, so you can monitor the situation of each client, see each member's profile, check if they are in compliance with quotas or with any other requirements.

Android application for customer loyalty

Using NFC Fidelity, Android Fast Fidelity's apps, you don't need an internet connection, because everything is managed through a database saved on your smartphone.

With NFC Fidelity, you can add customers, assign them points based on the purchases or on special offers, decide to offer prizes as a reward for the achievement of a certain number of points, scale, and so on. The application is available on Google Play in 2 versions: a free and a paid one. The free version is full of all the features of the Pro version, except that it has a limit of 10 customers: thus, it is useful to test the app's potential and to better understand how it works.

Download NFC Fidelity Free | NFC Fidelity Pro

Apps are based on the use of smart cards (with integrated NFC chip), to assign to customers, just like a loyalty card.

Using an NFC smartphone allows you to save money for an expensive reader, and to quickly identify your customers.