Tag in Cloud - NFC Cloud

Tag in Cloud - NFC Cloud

Tag in Cloud is a service that combines NFC and Cloud technology.

An NFC Tag has a very limited digital memory. For this reason, we have created a web application to grant easy and fast access to an online digital content, through an NFC Tag, called Tag in Cloud.

The owner of a Tag In Cloud has the ability, after entering a password, to add and edit content. On the other hand, all those who will scan the Tag in Cloud with their smartphone will be shown that content directly in their device, by using any browser.

Possible applications

Among the many applications of Tag In Cloud, we include:

  • application in museums or upon monuments, to provide touristic/cultural information;
  • application in smart cities, in strategic urban points, such as bus stops, stations information offices, to help citizens and tourists;
  • smart gift to employees, customers, suppliers, but also friends or relatives.


  1. The main advantage of Tag In Cloud is its simplicity. Uploading content is extremely easy thanks to the wizard. If you want to edit content or photo, you just have to enter your password and easily change them.
  2. Graphics are pre-set in a responsive web design, in order to show contect in a proper way in any screen or display, because it will adapt to the device which scans the Tag in Cloud.
  3. We guarantee unlimited time for the Cloud service.

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